Producer: Prince Paul
Album: De La Soul Is Dead
Label: Tommy Boy
De La Soul ""WRMS' Dedication to the Bitty"

De La Soul "Rap De Rap Show"

De La Soul "WRMS: Cat's in Control"

Besides the kid skits, the other connecting link on De La Soul is Dead's treasure trove of musical brilliance and weirdness were the made-up WRMS radio station broadcasts, which can be heard throughout the album, sometimes as tracks of their own and sometimes at the start of songs like "A Roller Skating Jam Named 'Saturdays.'"

Besides serving up a bit of nostalgia (who doesn't have at least one fond memory of an airwave dedication or the thrill of hearing a song for the first time?), these breaks—which are almost songs in themselves—were a chance for some good-natured fun. On the "Rap de Rap Show," Prince Paul showcases his Dew Doo Man persona with buddies like Q-Tip and the Jungle Bros.