Producer: Prince Paul
Album: 3 Feet High and Rising
Label: Tommy Boy
De La Soul "Intro"

De La Soul "Cool Breeze on the Rocks"

De La Soul "A Little Soap"

De La Soul "Do As De La Does"

De La Soul "Me, Myself, & I"

De La Soul "D.A.I.S.Y. Age"

3 Feet High and Rising sounded like no rap album before it, and after its release, no other rap album sounded the same. Simply said, De La and co-conspirator Prince Paul (along with engineer Al Watts as the host and Don Newkirk as the announcer) made something special.

The recurring game show parody skits sprinkled throughout the LP were a) the reflection of a quirky sense of humor shared by these uniquely talented fellows from Long Island; b) a cohesive device for an album bursting with an expansive set of seemingly contradictory elements, combining everything from old school hip-hop to prog rock to French dialogue; and c) proof that pop-culture references like "How many times did the Batmobile catch a flat?" could bring together people from many different walks of life, all relating to each other through shared rituals like watching TV or reading comic books.

Along with Dr. Dre, De La changed the game for good with their creative interludes.