Producer: N/A
Album: Capital Punishment
Label: Terror Squad/Loud Records
Big Pun "Pakinamac Pt. 1 (Skit)"

Big Pun "Pakinamac Pt. 2 (Skit)"

Big Pun's talents were not restricted to the vocal booth. His sly sense of humor was often on display during his brief career, perhaps nowhere greater than the amazing two-part "Pakinamac" saga from his debut LP. When a dude on the street talks smack the Punisher retaliates with a heavy dose of erratic bullets, catching some bystanders in the process...

Pun: "I hit you?" Dude: "Yeah, nigga. Fuck." Pun: "You gonna live?" Dude: "I'll be i-ight." (He then shoots him again.) Pun: "Dick." Then he jumps into his whip and you can hear "Off the Books" on the radio. That's just some funny shit.

Part Dos shows an amped Punisher telling amigo Cuban Link about the shooting incident. In his excitement Pun slips into the multisyllabic rhyme pattern that made him famous on the microphone, explaining that he was "packin' the Mac in the back of the Ac." After a slight pause, both Pun and Cuban dive into a rapid-fire rendition of the phrase that sounds like some sort of twisted, hilarious Vaudeville act from a Bugs Bunny cartoon.