#4. Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Suge Knight, & Dr. Dre (VIBE, 1996)

Issue: February 1996
Art Direction: Diddo Ramm
Photography: Ken Nahourn & Michael O'Neil

At the height of the East Coast/West Coast feud, it seemed like one party or the other was on the cover of VIBE every month. For this Death Row cover they presented the label's four principles—Snoop, Pac, Suge, and Dre—as mafioso kingpins, brothers united, in a perfect visual articulation of cover writer Kevin Powell's threatening description of the the gangster workings of label.

Within a matter of eighteen months this empire would crumble, with Dre jumping ship by the summer of '96 and Snoop also distancing himself from Suge's reign in the wake of Pac's murder.