#23. Pharcyde (Rap Pages, 1995)

Issue: May 1995
Art Direction: Brent Rollins
Photography: Ricardo Martin

Mostly unheralded today, in its prime Rap Pages stood as one of the more visible rap mags, boasting high-quality reporting, niche hip-hop coverage, and some very original covers. The Larry Flynt-owned publication boasted ego trip's Brent Rollins as its art director (thankfully Complex has him today) for much of its run and he was responsible for some of their most ambitious cover shoots.

For their Pharcyde cover the group's angst towards the recording industry was captured by wrapping them them in thick recording tape. The experience must have been a little trippy for the group considering that shortly after showing up for the shoot, they ordered pizza and started eating shrooms. The classic image would later resurface as the cover for their 2005 compilation, The Sold My Soul: The Remix & Rarity Collection.