#29. Tone Loc (Newsweek, 1990)

Issue: 3/19/1990
Art Direction: N/A
Photography: N/A

Newsweek's Tone Loc cover was one of the first in a long line of poor representations in the history of mainstream media hip-hop coverage. That milquetoast "Wild Thing" emcee was hardly the face of "Rap Rage!," as the cover only hints at how wrong the publication would be.

Jerry Adler's now infamous accompanying essay "The Rap Attitude," barely veiled its generational and racist disdain for the genre. He dismissed it as "repulsive" and mocked rappers for wearing gold chains and blaming police for their problems.

But hey, they put a rapper on newsstands throughout the country and that alone was a huge look for the burgeoning hip-hop nation. Ten years later they'd do it again with Eminem and Dr. Dre.