Album: I Got Shit on My Mind
Producer: Kenneth "Devastator X" Terry
Label: Luke Records

Nearly two whole decades before Waka Flocka, it was Luther Campbell who pioneered the hypeman-as-artist career template. After the break-up of 2 Live Crew in 1991, Uncle Luke proved he could be just as entertaining without the services of Brother Marquis and Fresh Kid Ice.

"I Wanna Rock" was basically a medley of Luke's best booty chants ("Face down/Ass Up/That's the way we like to fuck!") with some other peoples' thrown in—"Doo Doo Brown," as this song is sometimes called, came from Two Hype Bros and A Dog's Baltimore house tune by that same name— packaged neatly over a breakneck beat from secret Bass weapon, Kenneth "Devastator X" Terry.

There were more lyrical songs to be sure, but this was the record that broke geographical boundaries. And even to this day "I Wanna Rock" can still totally transform a party. No matter where it comes on, you're in Miami, bitch.