Album: Grab It!
Producer: DSK (Lawrence Davis, Joseph Louis Stone & Paul Klein)
Label: Time-X/Atlantic

Just as DJ Laz's "Mami El Negro" and 2 Live Crew's "Reggae Joint" reflected the influence of the Cuban and Jamaican immigrants who poured into Miami in the 1980s, L'Trimm's bubblegum Bass track "Cars That Go Boom" subtly bears the mark of a less expected but no less apparent segment of the Dade County populace: Jewish retirees from New York.

On their tribute to boys with loud car speaker systems, Lady Tigra and Bunny D, the precocious teen duo from suburban Kendall, tawked their tawk like Jewish grandmas from Queens living in one of North Beach's retirement complexes. The chutzpah of those shiksas!

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