Album: Something to Get You Hyped
Producer: Eric "E.G." Griffin and Sam Ferguson
Label: Pandisc

If Rick Rubin set sail to Miami after producing Licensed to Ill and Raising Hell, the result might have sounded something like Young & Restless' "B Girls." But the quirky anthem, which literally slapped harder-edged "new school" Bass up against the lighter, nursery rhyme–inflected style of its early days, was produced by the late Eric "E.G." Griffin of Triple M DJs/Worse Em Crew fame.

A duo assembled by Griffin's Triple M cohort Sam "P-Man" Ferguson, Charles "Dr. Ace" Trahan and Leonerist "Prince P" Johnson" (later known as The P.O.D.) had several more lighthearted Bass hits as Young & Restless, including a cover of The Coasters' "Poison Ivy." But none was as memorable as their send up of "B Girls" who are only after "Broncos, Benz, BMWs, bass, bangles and a pair of bars."