Best Line: "I profit so nice, me and dog going to count it twice/It's poppin' tonight, roll a weed, give me a light."
Producer: Salaam Remi
Album: N/A
Label: N/A

The incredible “Tower Heist” single adds a fairly straightforward spin to your standard Ross verse; throw in a few references to a robbery, and Ross is good to go. I like to imagine Ross paying his ghostwriter (as prolific as he is, he must have hundreds on call at all times, typing verses on thousands of typewriters) while explaining the process. “So the deal with this one is, I'm the exact same dude I always am."

Only this time, at some point, someone robs someone else. It's a large amount of money, so we should also talk about how we're going to spend it. “ Just kidding! Ross writes all of his own verses—his style is too consistent to be writen by committee—and per usual his wardrobe gets more attention than the minor setbacks that might bog down any other rapper's career.

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