Best Line: "Lets call us some bitches and have a good time/A lot of bottles of Vodka as we forget time."
Producer: Young Fyre
Album: Ashes To Ashes
Label: Maybach Music Group

When it comes to empty philosophizing while observing undulating weed smoke, Ross can rap with the best of them—so he knew how to speak to Wiz's audience. It helps that his entire style seems to have a sort of vacant, open-to-interpretation center; anyone can project their own fantasies onto him.

Ross focuses on the here and now; there's no musing on the moral implications of his lifestyle, as he might attempt (with religious overtones) on other tracks. Nor are there any attempts to outdo the next trap rapper in describing methods of inner-city torture.

Instead, the Bawse's most impactful line is a reference to drinking: “A lot of bottles of vodka as we forget time.” Can anything better describe the kind of substance abuse present here?