Best Line: "Ever made love to the woman of your dreams. In a room full of money out in London and she screams."
Producer: T-Minus
Album: We The Best Forever
Label: We The Best/Cash Money/Universal Motown

T-Minus's beat for “I'm On One” was 2011's masterpiece—it was atmospheric, but the hook was instantly memorable, which is something most artists can't live up to. While Wayne's verse had a staggering drunkenness, and Drake's was soaked in solipsistic insecurity, Ross best handled the production's epic largesse.

His lyrics, from the smoke burning his chest to the image of him walking on clouds, complement the beat's spacey vibe perfectly, and he makes sex in London feel like the pinnacle of human existence. But what gives the verse a dramatic underpinning is the recognition that it could all fall apart at any moment: “...even though I'm out on bond I might be facing eight....”