Best Line: "Two homes on the block/Each one a mil and this ring on my finger is an E-1 deal."
Producer: Boi 1-da
Album: Above the Cloudz
Label: N/A

Koch deals used to be the stuff of diss tracks–Lil Flip famously argued, “after your album flop / you gon' be on Koch.” Now known as E1, the label is used to signify extraordinary wealth in Rick Ross verses. If that doesn't tell you something about the state of the music industry, nothing will.

Ross' verse for “Faded” centers on the use of violence to get laid; while unnamed targets of Ross' wrath try to lock down their buildings, Ross enjoys the company of Brazillian women on E. He concludes the verse with an allusion to Biggie's classic “Bad boys move in silence and violence,” transposing it to his sexual conquest.