Rick Ross had a huge 2011: Turning around Wale's career was no easy feat, and that was just his part-time job. Rozay was responsible for several of the year's biggest songs, dropped numerous guest verses, and transformed Maybach Music into one of the foremost labels in hip-hop.

Compiling his best verses was fun, but talking about them was more of a challenge. Like a politician delivering variations on the same stump speech, The Bawse has a few bullet points that he makes sure to hit in almost every song. Call it lyrical branding.

He's wealthy, has name brands in tropical locations, and can hurt you easily. The Feds are watching, but he'd never snitch. He has an eye for color. Many of his verses include a bit of vaguely regretful spirituality—a single line asking for forgiveness, or a chance at heaven.

He's essentially managed to take everything you know about gangster rap's kingpin archetype and embody it completely, offering variations on a straightforward formula every time. And we can't get enough. Here's 25 more reasons why Ross is still the biggest boss that we've seen thus far.

Written by Drake Drake (@somanyshrimp)