Best Line: “Swagger just dumb, call it Kelly Bundy”
Producer: Lex Luger
Album: Blood, Sweat & Tears
Label: We The Best/Def Jam

Wayne breathed new life into Ace Hood's already solidified hit, when he jumped on the “Hustle Hard” remix. It's been a recurring theme with Wayne—jumping on another artist's song, adding his mojo, and essentially creating his own superior version. Cuffing the track, if you will. And there may be no better example than Ace's “Hustle Hard,” which must have confused countless casual rap fans into plugging LIL WAYNE HUSTLE HARD into their iTunes search bar.

Called in as a closer, Wayne stunts about riding around in his Bugatti, discusses his plans for the week (LIV on Sundays! KOD Monday!), and disclosed that he keeps a burner in his boxin' drawers. Throw in a Married with Children and Hannibal Lecter reference and you've got a solid Wayne verse.