Best Line: “Last year I made 100 million dollars flat/Run in ya house and get to poppin' at your shower cap”
Producer: Lil Lody
Album: TM103: Hustlerz Ambition
Label: Def Jam

When you need a hit, who you go and get? Struggling to shake his cold streak, Jizzle recruited Wayne to help heat up the demand for TM103, and plopped the cameo king on his first second third single, “Ballin.” While it's debatable if “Ballin” balled out as a single, it's not debatable that Wayne caught a body on it.

While letting everyone know you made “100 million dollars flat” last year isn't quite a humble brag—for some it might be a bit pretentious. But Wayne's threats of toting 12 12 gauges and popping at your shower caps should more than make up for the preposterous money line. It's all in a days work for Weezy, and if you think you're seeing him on the cameo tip, you're hallucinating.