By now you’ve probably looked at nearly 700 year-end lists written by high-minded critics citing the best music 2011 had to offer. This is not one of those lists. In fact, fuck those lists.

We’re joking. Sort of. As music critics, a lot of times we’re looking for something new and inventive to write about. Even if, on a macro level, it kind of sucks. On the flip side, there’s music being made for the explicit purpose of entertaining the hordes of people who give nary a single shyte about any of that. And when looked at in the context of what that music is supposed to be—easily digestible and non-confrontational, i.e. brainless—some of it is actually pretty good.

We know, we know, you wouldn’t be caught dead listening to any of these songs around your “smart” friends— heaven forbid you should, like, enjoy yourself. But when nobody’s around, you might want to check out some of the best “guilty pleasure” songs of 2011.