Prior to the release of his 2007 debut, The Real Testament, Plies found himself in a heap of trouble after a fight and, eventually, a shooting broke out following one of his concerts in 2006. The incident led to a civil lawsuit against the Florida rapper, whose real name is Algernod Washington, and his brother, producer Ronell Lavette. Victims of the shooting sought upwards of $10 million in the case.

But according to Plies' lawyer, Robert A. Rush, the jury awarded far less than that in the verdict reached today in court. Plies must pay $35,705 while his brother must pay $49,575. As Rush explained, the awarded funds represents a small amount more than what the plaintiffs were seeking in the case. He added that had they taken a settlement in the case, they would have received a "much larger monetary amount" that would have also avoided the "litigation costs, attorneys' fees, time needed to go to trial."