No I.D. f/ Dug Infinite “Sky’s The Limit” (1997)

Album: Accept Your Own And Be Yourself [The Black Album]

Label: Relativity

No I.D.: “That song embodies my personal spiritual outlook on life. When we do music, we influence people and that record is something I really felt during that era. Hip-Hop used to have real life, positive talk. You could say anything in hip-hop and people wouldn’t call it emo or anything like that—it was just hip-hop. I mean, even back then Dr. Dre was rapping about ‘I still express, yo I don’t smoke weed or sess.’

“Somewhere along the way hip-hop lost its ability to say anything, and 'Sky’s The Limit' was talking about people who only cared about money and success. We wanted to talk about the kids and the people who were getting ‘lost in the sauce,’ so to speak.

“That was the only video shot for the album. It got a decent amount of play on MTV, BET and The Box. It wasn’t all over the place or heavily promoted. Biggie’s 'Sky’s The Limit' came out around the same time and it was just pure coincidence.”