Jay-Z & Kanye West “Primetime” (2011)

Album: Watch The Throne

Label: Def Jam

No I.D.: “‘Primetime’ actually started out as something for Common’s The Dreamer, The Believer. Common passed, so I gave it to Nas and Nas was going to take it. I was in New York for the Big Sean listening party, and to talk to Def Jam about the [Vice President] position. I ended up in a Watch The Throne studio session, and Jay and Ye were like, ‘You’re going to give us something. You’ve gotta play something,’ so I pulled out the beat and Jay looked at me crazy and said the first four lines of the song: ‘Primetime, beat by Dion,’ and I was like ‘Ahhh shit!’

“A lot of my focus was going towards Common’s album at the time, and Watch The Throne wasn’t going where I was going creatively. They were going in a different direction. I always like to be a part of cohesive projects, and they’d already set their direction.”