Drake “Show Me A Good Time” (2010)

Album: Thank Me Later

Label: Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown

No I.D.: “That record is another Hawaii special. Matter of fact, that’s when I first met Drake. Wayne had a show in Hawaii and Gee [Roberson] brought Drake to the studio while they were down there. We were in the studio working, and we knew about Drake, but we didn’t know who he was. We didn’t know that he was actually sitting in the studio with us. We were finishing the idea for the song, and he’s just sitting there, then we finally put two and two together like ‘Okay, thaaaaat’s Drake.’

“So when we started working on the beat, we didn’t set out to make a Drake beat—we were just working on music and he happened to be there. Kanye went in and added the ‘ah ah ah ah’ part. And it all came together.

“Then we went to the show later that night and it was our first time actually seeing him perform. We saw how the crowd reacted and how crazy they went. So that was our introduction to Drake.”