Yesterday, Vybz Kartel was granted bail for one of two murder charges that currently have him locked up in a Jamaican prison. This was after some absurd rumors jeopardized the artist's chance at freedom. Today, we learn that another rumor has delayed Kartel's shot at bail for his second murder charge.

There is a rumor that video evidence exists on Vybz Kartel's laptop, which has been seized. No evidence has been presented yet, so the court is demanding that any videos to be used by the prosecution must be handed over by December 15. The application for bail is expected to happen soon after, on December 19.

In an interview with Boomshots, Kartel's lawyer speaks on the alleged video evidence and confirms that nothing has been presented and as far as they are concerned, it's nothing more than a rumor.

[Boomshots via JamaicaObserver]