This post of "Letting Go (Remix)" isn't just for Lupe Fiasco fans looking to get a taste of his new project, The Soundclash (aka SNDCLSH), with DJ Sky Gellatly. It's also for everyone getting ready to get wild tonight during the impending New Year's celebrations. Huge bass? Check. Catchy beat? Check. Just don't walk into this one thinking it's anything like what you heard prior to Lasers -- it's actually a remix of a track off that album -- because you might be disappointed.

If you're digging it, you'll find it on SNDCLSH's upcoming EP, Don't Drop the Flag, which is due out in 2012. All proceeds raised from album sales will be donated to, per the description of the track, "kids." Stream and download "Letting Go Remix" via the Soundcloud widget below.

Listen: SNDCLSH & DJ Kue "Letting Go Remix"

[via Soundcloud]