Producer: LV & Sean C for The Hitmen

Album: The Elephant in the Room

Label: Imperial/Terror Squad

Fat Joe: “You already know the warrior mentality. When I was watching 300, and they had 300 niggas go up against a whole army, it reminded me of us. My TS niggas. We’ll fight 400 niggas four deep. Even though I’m not saying we fight as good as the 300 niggas—and we’re the illest. [Laughs.] But that’s the type of guys we are.

“On the song, I say how ‘I ripped down plenty of stages with Biggie Smalls.’ But I can tell you the illest story I have about Biggie. It was the first time I ever saw Biggie. It was at the Lyricist Lounge, and ‘Flow Joe’ was out already. Puffy brought him out, and he had this backpack on. And I was standing in the back of the spot.

“And Puffy’s like, ‘My man is here, and he’s ready to battle anyone who wants to get on stage.’ And this is before people really knew who Puff was. So some kid got on stage, and Biggie ate him. Biggie ate like 20 guys on stage.”