Complex Finds Earl Sweatshirt (April 14, 2011)

Throughout the phenomenal ascension of OFWGKTA, the nagging question at the back of everyone's minds was “Where's Earl Sweatshirt?” The talented young rapper who had become a favorite amongst early Odd Future fans was nowhere to be found, and those who knew were keeping his location tightly under wraps.

In April, Complex set out to find Earl by doing some good old-fashioned investigative journalism. Piecing together a series of obscure Facebook posts and other intangible hints, we were able to locate Thebe “Earl Sweatshirt” Kgositsile at Coral Reef Academy—a boarding school in Samoa.

Soon afterward The New Yorker posted a similar story, which claimed to have interviewed Earl's mother and which depicted Earl as being content with his situation. Since this conflicted with what we already knew of the situation, Complex questioned the merit of the interview, and later interviewed Earl's friend and fellow Coral Reef Academy attendee Tyler Craven. Knowing that Thebe was unhappy in Samoa, Craven denounced the New Yorker story as false and suggested that Earl's answers had been coerced.

Despite Odd Future's mid-November internet prank—claiming that Earl had made it back to L.A.—Sweatshirt remains at Coral Reef Academy with no known date of return.