Mister Cee's Arrest (March 30, 2011)

Nobody expected legendary New York producer and DJ Mister Cee to be arrested for public lewdness after allegedly engaging in sexual acts with a self-proclaimed drag queen late at night in a parked car. But once it happened a debate was sparked about whether the hip-hop legend who worked as Big Daddy Kane's DJ and recorded Biggie's first demo should be condemned for his actions.

Although hip-hop has long been chastised for being a homophobic culture, rappers like 50 Cent and Prodigy immediately spoke out in support of Mister Cee. The producer/DJ eventually pleaded guilty to the charges and has kept a low profile since the incident, though he hasn't stopped working.

Whatever really happened that night in the car, the much talked-about incident held up a mirror to the culture, forcing rap fans to reexamine whether our views on sexual taboos have evolved since hip-hop's inception.