The Lights All Night festival, which started last night at the Dallas Convention Center, has grown to become one of the largest electronic music events in America. This year's headliners include six turntable artists featured on DJ Magazine’s “Top 100 DJs” list: Laidback LukeDada LifeWolfgang GartnerBenny Benassi, Porter Robinson, and Tiësto, who now ranks as one of the world's highest paid DJs.

As the midnight hour approaches, the Dutch-born mixmaster also known as "Lord Of Trance" can only hope that LAN stacks up to his epic gigs of New Year's Eves past. "Every year is special," Tiësto says, "but the most memorable was the one a few years ago in Las Vegas. I partied till the 2nd of January straight without sleep and ended in places that I could not remember how I got there."

Tiësto joins a star-studded lineup that also includes such master mixologists as Sandro SilvaDiploFlux PavilionExcisionRJD2ArchnemesisCrizzlyBig GiganticBonoboPaper DiamondWhite PandaZoogmaGirl TalkGhostland ObservatoryMSTRKRFTNeon IndianPendulumCaspaZeds DeadThe M MachineTreasure FingersKill The NoiseSavoyMichal MenertNadis Warriors and Govinda

So if you're planning to hit up Lights All Night—or wherever else—please heed Tiësto's wise words of advice:

1) Eat well before you go out.

2) Drink one liter of milk so your alcohol resistance goes up 100%.

3) Start slow and go hard after 12.

Are we clear? OK—while you're chugging that liter of milk, here's some cuts from LAN's all-star DJs to get you in the mood.

Waka Flocka Flame "Hard In Da Paint" - (Bellizio Remix) (Crizzly Edit)

Dada Life "Happy Violence" (Extended)

Paper Diamond "Can We Go Up"

Zed's Dead "Ruckus The Jam"

The M Machine "Promise Me A Rose Garden"

Savoy "California Dreamin"


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