Slim On His Aspirations

Slim The Mobster: "I’m ready to put a suit on and have a chauffeur and shit. I’m focusing on establishing my label, Gang Module. I’m an artist on my own label. I got a couple of artists that I’m working with that I plan on putting out in the near future. I’m just dealing with my career first before I take on somebody else’s, but that’s my goal.


My label Gang Module is like redemption because [in prison] Gang Module usually is where you put all the worst people.


"My artist is Black Friday. That’s my first artist. For me, Gang Module is much deeper than what most people probably even think. When you go fill out an application, they ask some questions that most people I know are not gonna get the job [if they answer].

"Being that we know the circumstances and the situations, we plan on giving jobs to those people who can’t fill out that application. Everybody deserves a chance. That’s what Gang Module is. It’s like redemption because [in prison, the] Gang Module usually is where you put all the worst people. For me, I feel like I can make some good. I can’t make everybody good, but if I can affect one then I did something.

"[I want to get into] movies. I’m really into the movie thing—on screen, writing, directing, all of it. You got to keep adding these slashes to your name. The more slashes you add, the more checks you get. When you’re a director/writer, you get a director’s check and a writer’s check. [If you’re an actor too] you get an actor’s check, so I’m just going to add as much slashes to my name as possible."