Working With Dre And The D.O.C.

Slim The Mobster: "I don’t know how much studio time we got. We got thousands of man-hours in this shit. It was a time where I stayed in the studio everyday. I been with [Dre] for like 5 years. Even with Snoop, when you get past who they are, then you can get to work.

"There’s always a—not intimidation, but you’re gonna cut the grass different when your dad is watching versus what he ain’t watching. If he in the house watching the football game, when you cut the grass you gonna be like ’I’m gonna hurry up!’ When he’s there watching, he’ll be like ‘You missed a spot.’

"[The D.O.C.] is like my uncle. I’ve known him for a long time. When I got into this situation, he didn’t even know who I was until he came into the studio. Dre was like, ‘It’s this dude Slim The Mobster.’ When he seen me he said, ‘You Slim The Mobster?’

"I said yeah, and he was like, ‘Get the fuck outta here!’ [Laughs]. We got the sickest chemistry ever. It’s like Kobe and Phil in their prime. He helps me. I love it. I know every song he has. I fuck him up [mentally] because I be rapping his shit all the time."

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