Slim On His Song “Gun Play”

Slim The Mobster: "When I put out “Gun Play” a lot of shit changed. There’s a particular part in the hook that says,’Niggas don’t want no gun play.’ When I say that, I mean I don’t want no gun play. I don’t want to have to kill anybody and I don’t want nobody to have to kill me.

"There was a point in time where I didn’t give a fuck about that, like ‘OK, I’m ready to die.’ When you got an opportunity and a chance to do something with yourself, then you think different. [The transition out of that lifestyle] is hard. It ain’t easy.


I live in an all-white neighborhood. My kids be talking to white kids and shit, so I can't say I'm a super gang member.


"That’s a lifetime struggle, only because I was so involved in my community that they know me for being where I’m from. I don’t want it to be in that light. I ain’t just about where I’m from no more. It ain’t like I live on my block.

"I live in an all-white neighborhood. My kids be talking to white kids and shit, so I can’t say I’m a super gang member or some shit. Hell no, nigga you live in Beverly Hills! Nigga we getting money. Leave that shit alone. We too old for that shit. I got little homies for that.

"[In regards to entering old hoods and being at risk] I’m even at risk in Kentucky. The ghetto is universal. When they made guns, they went everywhere. Drugs are everywhere. You got to navigate through that and not worry about it.

"Trouble is something that you can’t run from. It’s just about how you handle it and, if it’s a situation, always be smarter than the next man. Sometimes it’s cool to let him think he won. You really win because when you successful, you’re a target.

"A dude will take a black eye for a million dollars. For a couple hundred thousand, he’ll get his ass whipped at the club every week [Laughs]."