Team Phiten linked up with West Coast rappers Pac Div and NBA superstars Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Eric Gordon, and Derrick Williams for a short history lesson. To prove that "bling" is more than just a modern trend, Pac Div drops some knowledge on the ballers. From Ancient Egypt to the Golden Age of Hip Hop, the prominence of accessories and their cultural relevance throughout world history gets broken down in a humorous take on "The History Of Bling." Watch the video, written and produced by the rap trio, above.

  Phiten, the innovator and original maker of the titanium necklace and precious metal-infused wellness products, is launching an all new Basketball campaign with elite players from the NBA in conjunction with the release of the new Phiten DUO Titanium Bracelet. Phiten brought together its NBA endorsers to form Team Phiten, who star in a new music video from So-Cal rap trio, Pac Div.