When you think of New Zealand, hip-hop probably isn't one of the first things that comes to mind, but you shouldn't be too surprised that it's become a big part of the culture. David Dallas hails from Auckland and has been involved with the New Zealand hip-hop scene for years. In 2010 he started getting attention in the U.S. when Kanye West took notice and blogged about one of David's videos.
This year, Dallas made the move to New York City and signed with Duck Down Music. Since the relocation, he's been steadily capturing the attention of the mainstream media, including a few videos with rotation on MTV. His latest offering is the "Ain't Coming Down" video with Buckshot.
"I Ain't Coming Down" is produced by Fire & Ice and can be found on David Dallas' The Rose Tint Deluxe Album available on iTunes now. The video is directed by Tom Gould & Alexander Richter.