“Everything I Love The Most”

Produced by: WillPower

Co-produced by: Eminem

Yelawolf: “That record is pretty self-explanatory. It’s about the faults of being a man. Most shit that we love to do is fucked up. It’s just admitting to all the dumb, relentless shit that we do that gets us in trouble. The shit that we love the most is wrong. We shouldn’t, but we do.

“I’ve had my share of drugs, but I’ve been off drugs for a long time man. A really long time. I drink, so I’m not sober by any means. But as far as any other drugs, I don’t fuck with anything anymore. I’ve been clean for a really long time as far as that goes. But alcohol is a pretty fucking serious drug, so I don’t know. I definitely have a drinking problem.”

WillPower: “[That beat is] an interpretation of a Billy Joel record called ‘Moving Out.’ Billy Joel is one of my favorite writers. We put most of the track together and then we sent it over to Eminem, and Eminem did the polishing on it and pulled in some more music for it.”