#1. "Hit ’Em Up"

Date: June 4, 1996

Best line: “Fuck Bad Boy as a staff, record label, and as a muthafucking crew.”

Complex says: "Hit 'Em Up" is one of the most vicious diss records ever recorded, but much like most of 50 Cent's diss records, only half its punch came from the actual rapping. Pac claiming that he slept with Biggie's wife and that he used to let Big sleep on the couch were some epic revelations for sure. But Pac's rant at the end of the song is as legendary as the song itself. 

Going off about Biggie, Bad Boy, Mobb Deep, and Chino XL with a vengance, Pac got so amped he sounded like he was ready to break the microphone. By the time he starts making fun of Prodigy for having sickle cell anemia and dubs his crew "Bad Boy Killas," it's clear that Makaveli has taken the art of the rant to a whole new level.