#3. Flipping Out On Yo! MTV Raps

Date: 1993

Best line: “I was a menace to the Hughes Brothers!”

Complex says: While promoting his film Poetic Justice, ‘Pac appeared on MTV’s Yo! MTV Raps alongside director John Singleton. When host Ed Lover brought up Pac’s run-in with the Hughes Brothers (who directed Menace II Society, a film they originally cast Pac in before going with someone else) Pac flipped out.

Raving about how he beat up the directors, Shakur went on to say he would do it again if he ever saw them in the streets. Ed Lover tried to save Pac from snitching on himself but it was too late—the prosecution later used footage of the rant in the Pac’s assault case pertaining to the Hughes Brothers incident.

So what was the cost of this rant? Well, after being sentenced by the judge to 15 days in prison, Pac reasoned: “A two and a half minute problem cost me 15 days of my life.” You do the math.