#4. Five Shots Later

Date: Early 1996

Best line: “I hate when them New York niggas be throwing up gang signs. I see Biggie throwing up this. Biggie don’t know nothing about no gang signs!”

Complex says: When he wasn’t throwing hot-tub parties or getting sued over his nasty records, Luther "Luke" Campbell found time to host a mid-90s pay-per-view variety show called Luke’s Peep Show.

In this memorable episode, Luke chops it up with All Eyez on Me-era Pac, who takes the opportunity to address the robbers involved in his 1994 ambush at New York City’s Quad Recording Studios. He also has a few choice words for East Coasters who throw up gang signs. The result was a classic rant.

But watching it today you can’t help but feel sad. Pac swore he would wear his bullet proof vest from there on out, but on the fateful night of September 7, 1996, he didn’t.