Hey baby! Welcome to Mama Mia’s Kitchen. When I'm in the kitchen cooking I play loud music and jam my way through the dish. So if you're ready to cook, grab your dopest playlist, gather your ingredients, wash your hands, and let's get down—ya heard me!

Today I'm whipping up something special for Thanksgiving. To keep my vibe on point, I grabbed a few of my favorite classic CDs. While I jam The O'Jays Greatest Hits, you can throw on this little freestyle I hooked up and we’ll make some delicious magic in the kitchen.

Mia X "1-900-Bars"

Written by Mia X (@TheRealMiaX)

I remember the Thanksgiving before my Grandma died she was in bed and couldn't get around in the kitchen like she used to. She said "Mity, this is the year you not only cook the turkey, but the gumbo too. In fact, dinner's on you baby!”

My mom and dad had already died the year before, and mama and mamaw always made the gumbo. "I don't think we having gumbo mamaw," I said. "I'm scared."

"Scared!" she said. "Da fuck you mean? I can't do it and I want gumbo! It's time you learn. You're 31 Mia! Besides, you think i'ma die before I teach you how to make gumbo? I'd rather go suck every sick ass in the hospital before I let that happen! Na go wash ya hands, get your ingredients together, make ya roux, and i'ma walk you through step by step."

I swallowed hard and said, "Okay mamaw," as I headed to the kitchen. I didn't have time to write anything down. I just walked back and forth to her bedroom while getting the gumbo goods. Four and a half hours later she was crying, I was crying, and we were hugging each other tight.

She told me, "I'm bout ready to go. I miss my daughter. I'm proud of you and your sister, and this gumbo taste like mine. So woman up, cause bitch you ready! You can cook everything mamaw cooked and I'm pleased." Now I'm the gumbo maker of my family.

For everyone cooing a turkey for the first time, don't be stressed. The Biggest Mama's got your back! Here's a delicious way to not fuck it up. The night before you bake Mr. Bird, soften a half stick of butter add a teaspoon of each: salt, pepper, peprika, sage, garlic powder, onion powder, and a tablespoon of your favorite syrup to the butter.

Mix it all up and then coat your bird. Sprinkle a little more of your spices over the top of your flavored, buttered, coated turkey. Cover it and place it in your fridge until your desired bake time.

Adding marinade injectors is cool and yummy, but the seasoned butter coat helps keep him moist and adds more flavor also. When it’s time to bake Mr. Bird. Keep him covered and don't play peek-a-boo by constantly looking in your oven. That messes with the temperature and cooking process. Use a meat thermometer or time him according to weight baking instuctions. There's nothing worst to a half-done or dry-ass turkey baby.

When your turkey is done take it out the oven still covered and place it on a large towel. Wrap your covered turkey up completely in the towel for 15 minutes. The towel wrap will help to seal in the moisture so your turkey is juicy when you carve him.. I hope this helps. Enjoy your holiday.

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