In a recent interview with Wild 94.9 in the Bay Area, Drake revealed he has already started the writing process for his next studio album. He was asked if he ever keeps tracks in the stash to be released later, to which he responded:

"I never save music because music, to me, is like a sketch book so I'll do a drawing like Take Care and the whole album cycle is a drawing. That's how I felt on that day. On November 15th, I just turned the page over so now it's a new day. I started writing the intro to my next project last night. I found the sample and I started piecing it together the story, where I'm at in my life. Started piecing the drawing. I started that and flipped the page"

He also said to expect more albums drom him and less mixtapes. Even though his collaborative album with Lil Wayne is scrapped. Take Care is out now.

[via AllThingsFresh]