Both Jay-Z and Kanye West are known for going big at their live shows. When they came together for the Watch The Throne Tour, the expectations were so high that it almost seemed impossible that they could be met. Somehow, Jay-Z and Kanye West didn't disappoint.

The show brought out big name celebrities and fans from all over, and the duo of rap titans delivered over two hours of their older solo hits like "99 Problems" and "Jesus Walks" along with the new Watch The Throne material, much of which hadn't ever been witnessed in a live setting. Everything about the show was as big as you might imagine, and maybe even more so. In the spirit of going completely over the top, Kanye even came out in a leather kilt for a portion of the show.

Until the high quality pictures and footage starts rolling out, check out a couple videos shot from the crowd. Above is a Watch The Throne medley, and below is Jay's "Izzo" going into Kanye's "The Good Life."