Earlier this month Travis Porter gave us a glimpse of “Slow Motion,” a track off their new mixtape, Differenter 3, featuring the ever-so-sexy Kelly Rowland. Collaborating with the Grammy-winning multiplatinum former member of Destiny’s Child was a seriously good look for the Decatur rap trio, best known for their strip club anthem “Make It Rain.”

On the strength of sultry hits like “Motivation” and “Lay It On Me,” Kelly’s hotter than ever. So we got to wondering how the Travis Porter track came together. “We met at an award show,” Ali explains. “It wasn’t nothing too big. We just walked into her and there she was.” After getting the digits, they sent Kelly the song via email. “She liked it and she did it then and there,” Ali reveals. “She sent it back the next day.”

Although they didn’t get in the studio with her this time around, Ali hasn’t given up all hope of discovering whether Kelly’s as freaky in person as she is on wax. “I’ll try to find that out and get back to you!” he said. In the meantime, at least we’ve got Travy's web cartoon series, "Road Trips & Big Tits."

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