Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Sure, you’ve heard the quote, but what does it mean to you? Just ask any man who’s ever crossed us—and you’ll soon find out that things didn’t turn out too well for him. Or, to quote Jesus, “It would be better if a millstone was tied around your neck.”

When women love, they generally love hard. But when a man takes that woman’s love for granted, there's not enough chocolates and flowers in the world to make up for the lying and the cheating. At times like those, the best you can hope for is to wind up as the catalyst for another hateful hit record.

Last week, Bridget Kelly dropped a mixtape stacked with jams that channeled the kind of anger that every girl can understand. We were feeling BK so much that we took a little trip down memory lane to rewind some of our favorite furious females. Click through while they let it all out...

Written by Linda Hobbs (@linnyloveslin)

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