Station: WBLS
DJ: Marley Marl
Best Punchline: “So toss the sauce, across to the boss/No remorse, with force I cause a holocaust.” (Big Daddy Kane)

Although the Juice Crew took an L in the Bridge Wars, they still found great success in hip-hop's early years. And none more so than Brooklyn's own Big Daddy Kane—a strong contender for G.O.A.T. of the Golden Age.

Rumors swirled in that era that Big Daddy Kane and the great Rakim had a beef on wax, substantiated by many subliminal (and not-so subliminal) shots on records. Although, BDK claimed there was never any real static between the two factions, this freestyle was littered with shots that could've easily been directed at the R.

While each MC brought their a-game on this freestyle (Craig G killed it), it was clearly Kane who ruled the roost.