Station: Radio 1
DJ: Tim Westwood
Best Punchline: Give me 11 Excederin my head will spin/Medicine will get me revving like a 747 jet engine.” (Eminem)

Eminem and Proof always had natural chemistry while rocking the mic together—no doubt from their early days freestyling at Detroit's famed Hip-Hop Shop.

This appearance on Tim Westwood was notable as it was the first time we heard Em's bars from his Soundbombing contribution “Any Man,” including the dizzying: “Give me 11 Excedrin/My head will spin/Medicine/Will get me revving like a 747 jet engine.”

The late-great Proof was no slouch either blurting out hilarious lines like: “I'll make R. Kelly confess he stole his first style from Aaron Hall.”