Station: Radio 1
DJ: Tim Westwood
Best Punchline: "Jason mask is off/But my face is plastered in Tabasco sauce/Spitting flames kicking fire out your, you don't want to get my ass ticked off." (Eminem)

While on a European press run in 2009 for Relapse, Marshall Mathers and Denaun Porter dropped by Tim Westwood's studios and kicked an eight-minute freestyle reminiscent of the ones Em used to spit on-air pre-2000 (back when Marshall would rhyme at the drop of a hat). After a long struggle with addiction clouded his mind and hampered his creativity, this freestyle announced Shady's return to championship form.

Even his most simplistic rhymes were hilarious: “I'm quite mellow, a white fellow/My pee is bright yellow, I like Jello/I'm like hello,” but towards the end of his freestyle, he got way more technical, showing off with verbal attacks like: “The neurosurgeon, coke mirrors, I'm lyrics worse than/The kinda person to get Katie Couric to curisn'/Eighty spirits of ladies cause Shady murdered the virgins.”

Bottom line: the industry might consider Em a pop star, but he was still an emcee first.