Producer: Soopafly

Album: Tha Doggfather

Label: Death Row/Interscope

Best Youtube Comment: “the part i don't understand is how a multi-million dollar rapper will knowingly put a 'crappy' beat on his album.... to prove a point? the point he proved is that the fast forward button still works on my remote cause that beat was made in 2 minutes and is awful to hear” - tremorchristo

Complex says: After releasing his classic debut Doggystyle, Snoop was a certified superstar, but that's when things took a turn. His friend Tupac was killed and Dr. Dre escaped from Death Row leaving Snoop to fend for himself on his sophomore LP, Tha Doggfather. He tried to prove he could win without Dre's sonic blueprint, but ended up proving how Much he needed the good doc. 

"I don't give a fuck about no beat," declared Snoop on the song. That may be true, but unfortunately for him, everyone else did. If this intentionally sub-par production was a conceptual statement, it went over everybody's head. (Puff puff, pass.) No wonder Tha Doggfather ranks as one of the 10 Worst Rap Album Fails