Producer: Snoop Dogg, Jamel Debbouze

Album: N/A

Label: Universal Music Group

Best Youtube Comment: “Snoop ain’t been shit since The Last Meal” - Namkooc

Complex says: This sorry excuse for a song mixes a West Coast beat from the '90s with a Bollywood-inspired movie from God knows where. The result, as you can probably guess, is a big pot of “WTF?”

Featured on the track is Jamel Debbouze, who sounds like he has no idea why he's there or what he’s rapping about. We’re not clear what Snoop was thinking when he put his name on this masterpiece, but one thing’s for certain: Snoop Dogg, Bollywood, and a Prince of Egypt theme are about as wise a combination as Apu's patented chutney squishee.