Pepa (of Salt-N-Pepa) Admits To Almost Being Gang-Raped

Book: Let’s Talk About Pep

Year: 2010

What happened? One day, Pepa and her friend Sonya went to the Forty Projects in Queens because Sonya was owed money by a male friend. Pepa had one of her “premonitions” of danger but went anyway. When they got there, they got comfortable (which Pep insists she told her friend not to do), and more guys start filling the spot.

When Pep and her friend made a sudden run for it, they got chased down flights of project steps but they narrowly escaped. Later, they found out that someone claimed that Pep and her friend were “down for whatever,” and the dudes came packed with tape, rope, and all types of shit to tie them down with so they could gang rape them.

Complex says: Remember on Mobb Deep’s “More Trife Life” where Havoc claimed, “Don’t ever go to see a bitch”? Yeah, this story is like the female version of that.