Trick Daddy Recalls Mistakenly Causing His Childhood Girlfriend To Be Raped

Book: Magic City: Trials Of A Native Son

Year: 2010

What happened? In his book, Trick Daddy claimed he had a lot of girls—and shared them with his boys—but there was one girl that was special, Tiffany. He took Tiffany to his boy’s house—where two guys were busying bagging up cocaine—to have sex with her for the first time. Trick and Tiffany went to the bedroom but Trick realized he didn’t have any condoms. He made a quick run to go buy some rubbers but while he was away, Tiffany got raped by the crack dealers in the house. After that day, she never spoke to Trick Daddy again.

Complex says: In light of this, we're going to add “A Crackhouse” to our list of The Worst Places To Have Sex.