50 Cent Reveals How His Mom Made Him Beat Up The Neighborhood Bully... At Age 5

Book: From Pieces To Weight

Year: 2006

What happened? When five-year-old Curtis Jackson got into a fight with a bigger kid, he came home crying to his grandmother. But his mother wasn’t having it. "My mom was, in a word, hard. She was real aggressive. As a disciplinarian, she was stern. As a motivator, she was even harsher." She sent 50 back out to fight the kid, saying, "I don't care if he's bigger than you. You pick something up and hit him with it if you have to. But you're not going to come back in here crying.” Curtis did as his mother said and cold clocked homie with a huge rock. The kid never messed with 50 after that day.

Complex says: And you wonder why 50 is the way he is? He’s Sabrina’s baby alright.

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