Russell Simmons Reveals How He Was A Suspect In A Murder Case

Book: Life and Def: Sex, Drugs, Money, + God

Year: 2002

What happened? Before he gets to the "God" part of his book, Uncle Rush talks about his many girlfriends—from ghetto chicks from Queens to Manhattan models to edgy women who were into punk rock and drugs. One girl he talked about in particular, Tammi—a brown-skinned honey who aspired to break into the entertainment industry but also sold coke on the side.

According to Russ, “I’d stop over at Tammi’s to do lines and have sex. It seemed like a good arrangement.” No kidding. The result of said arrangement? Tammi ended up getting killed and Russell ended up as the prime suspect. After several interviews with the District Attorney, he was eventually cleared of the murder.

Complex says: Take it from Uncle Russ: It’s only fun and games until someone gets killed.

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